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Commericial Services

Commercial Services

Enterprise Ethernet

3Mbps Down/3Mbps up
5Mbps Down/5Mbps up
10Mbps Down/10Mbps up
15Mbps Down/15Mbps up
20Mbps Down/20Mbps up

  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • FREE installation with 2 year commitment
  • Static IP address
  • Easy to manage Ethernet hand-off
  • Same day hardware replacement
  • Disaster proof network

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  • Dedicated OC3 for mission critical applications
  • Reliable Service Guaranteed
  • Best Price Guarantee for East and Downtown Ames

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Business ADSL

3Mbps Down/1Mbps up
5Mbps Down/1Mbps up
7Mbps Down/1Mbps up
10Mbps Down/1Mbps up
  • Free Activation
  • FREE On-Site Setup
  • Real POP email accounts with virus and spam filtering
  • Outbound Mail Services
  • Same day modem replacement
  • Networking, wireless, VPN
  • Disaster proof networks

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Business ADSL2+

15Mbps Down/2Mbps up
20Mbps Down/2Mbps up

($84 activation fee)

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Multi-Unit Dwellings

If you are a property owner, you know your buildings don't make any money when they are empty. With so many options available to tenants, offering high-speed Internet is not a luxury - it is a necessity.

OpenCom provides high-speed access to several high-profile property management companies in Ames including: Triplett, Jensen Property Management, Professional Property Management, Haverkamp Properties, and more. No size of apartment building, business, or hotel is too small.

If you have an older building, there is no need to run additional wiring to hook up all the rooms in the unit. Technology exists to be able to use the existing wiring to provide high speed access to every unit. With our service, you are able to provide each apartment the same amount of bandwidth, or speed, without one user's heavy downloading slowly down your other units. OpenCom also offers technical support for your tenants so you are not bothered with questions about their Internet service. Access to your building can be provided any number of ways including fiber-optics, T-1, multiple DSL connections, and other dedicated solutions.

OpenCom wants to help keep your units rented and your tenants happy by putting your building on the Internet. Please call us at 233-4777 to set up an appointment.

Server Co-location

Place your server on our network so that your server can access the Internet through our OC3. We offer the best bandwidth/rate ratio in town!

Network Consultation

Need a network to be built, overhauled, or fixed? Need a printer, file server, or a couple of nodes added to your network? Please call our OpenCom office at 233-4777 or email us for a free consultation.